A viable registry is particularly important for breed development and the corner stone of registration is record keeping. No serious breeding program can exist without record keeping of ancestry and physical characteristics. 


Generally speaking - - the more records the better. 


Most beginning breeders have limited information on the ancestry of their animals.  Currently no official registry exists but a draft is in place that supports breeding programs using the breed of merit philosophy. Over subsequent generations, record keeping will improve. Contact us for beginning pedigree documentation and breeding stock evaluation criteria.    


Registration will support breeders, prospective buyers and the breed by:

  1. Documenting individual characteristics to be defined through careful mating selection.

  2. Providing a starting point in developing a family tree for future generations.

  3. Adding value to prospective buyers to define and document key ancestry data.

  4. Supporting wise up-breeding to enhance desirable characteristics and reduce inbreeding in the development. However, only cattle reflecting classic HighPark Cattle™ characteristics can be registered as HighPark Cattle™.