HighPark Cattle™ Standard of Conformation

  1. Porcelain white with colored points reflecting White Park ancestry.  (Having a minimum of colored nose and ears, ideal: eye rings, and feet).  The amount of coloring is dependent upon herd standards and breeder preference.   Animals with excessive coloring / ticking or minimal points is considered a fault.

  2. Long hair resembling a Scottish Highland, including dual coat of downy under coat and longer guard hair.  Dousan (forelock) and mane is mandatory length of 4”.  Shedding excessive undercoat and guard hair during hotter summer months is to be expected but dousan and mane will remain. 

  3. Preferred height of less than 42” at the top of the back when animals are 3 years of age.  Taller animals less than 45” can be accepted as mid-sized as a breed “development” animal.  True miniature cattle are less than 42”. 

  4. Athletic, lean, long bodied, and a long healthy reproductive life.

  5. Docile, easy natured and not a threat or danger to handle.

  6. Horns are uniform and majestic.  Polled animals are allowed as a farm’s discretion.

  7. Animals that are not sound, unhealthy, underweight or of poor confirmation are not accepted regardless of ancestry or pedigree.