HighPark Cattle™ have been developed as a breed of merit from the crossing of shaggy cows with the colored points of park.   Scottish Highlands and White Park obvious starting points. In some cases, smaller statured animals have been introduced to reduce adult height as the miniature versions are the most popular.


Our story: We began looking at smaller breed cattle to keep our pasture grazed. The internet has lots of details on mini cattle and mini highlands were selected as the top choice. As this process unfolded, Scottish Highlands crossed with White Park cattle seemed to be an ideal blend of friendly, docile and hardy, with ez calving for our acreage. Plus, the calves are just so darn cute! We quickly learned that there is wide appeal for this new breed of animal. What they lacked was the organized efforts of breeders with a passion to create not just a hybrid but a new breed that combines these characteristics for consistent offspring. This HighPark Cattle™ web site has been created to organize efforts, breeding strategies and genetics in development, marketing and enhancement of this breed. The HighPark Cattle™ name was trademarked registered to allow all people to use the term freely.

Our goal is to further define the breed and support individual breeders across a geographically distant area toward a unified path to select and propagate the best!